only if you let them workshops are based on three words:

reflect. accept. transcend.

the purpose of these art classes is not only to learn a new skill set and have a good time,

but to overcome the barriers that hold us back from living at full potential.

taught by certified art therapist, monica carolan, and based off her illustrated narrative poem “only if you let them”, these classes will enable you to calmly reflect, find your own peace, and move beyond self-imposed walls in your life.

the group workshops will never be larger than six people. you can be as open or private in them as you'd like.

you will never be forced to share anything that you don't voluntarily choose to reveal.

if group workshops aren't for you and one on one workshops are more your thing,

a custom private program can be built just for you.

step away from the constant demands of this fast-paced technological world.

let the therapeutic aspect of creating help you rise above whatever you feel ready to release.

this is a non judgmental, creative space for you to feel open and free.

you do not any any prior art experience.

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